Activities at The Spire



For more than 160 years the magnificent tapering spire at 82 Sydenham Street has been a notable Kingston landmark – mariners on the St. Lawrence River relied on it as a beacon and a sign of safe harbor.

Today, hundreds of Kingstonians each week rely on The Spire as a community hub for their activities in the arts, social justice and spirituality. The Spire’s welcome extends to more than 1000 people weekly – it is a bustle of activity and a seedbed for artistic and social-justice enterprises both social and entrepreneurial.

People of all ages, backgrounds, and convictions gather to celebrate the arts, to sing, to act, to dance, to find safe harbour and to learn together. Today, it is home to many not-for-profit organizations.

A Space for Music, Arts, Social Justice, Spirituality and Community-Building

What goes on at The Spire? Look who’s building our community…

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Hundreds of Musicians bring joy to us all

Cantabile Choirs of Kingston
Orchestra Kingston
Kiwanis Music Festival
Vimy Band
Kingston Choral Society

Hundreds of citizens work to support each other

Alcoholics Anonymous
Food Addicts in Recovery

Community artists enjoy collaborating at The Spire

Kingston Canadian Film Festival
100 Thousand Poets for Change
Sistema Kingston
Blue Canoe

Community members benefit from Spire and Sydenham Street United Church programs

Sydenham Street United Church
Loving Spoonful
Inter-Church Refugee Partnership
Affirm United

A space for performances and meetings


Every week 1000-1200 Kingstonians use The Spire to create music, to plan programs, to find counsel, to gather for learning and support