Friends of The Spire

Friends of The Spire is a not-for-profit charitable corporation, registered as an Ontario corporation and approved by Revenue Canada as a charity.

This committed group of volunteers has three goals:

  1. to engage long-term community support for the Sydenham Street United Church building, now known as The Spire
  2. to develop and implement a sustainable business plan for The Spire as a community hub
  3. to advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by providing a forum for the arts.

The Spire is a heritage building that is an integral part of our city’s streetscape and recognized as a fine example of Gothic Revival architecture. It is a well-spring of creativity and inspiration – every week 1200 Kingstonians use it to create music, to plan programs, to find counsel, to gather for learning and support. They know that people of all ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnic origins, economic circumstances, abilities and challenges are welcome.

There is no facility in the city that offers this combination of accessible space, multi-faceted programs and flexible use – and certainly not at the user fees offered.

Friends have come together in this time of changing demographics to create a plan to sustain the building into the future for all to enjoy.

The Spire is a joint venture between the Friends and the Trustees of Sydenham Street United who will maintain accountability and liability for the physical asset. A Business  Management Group (BMG), made up of members from both groups, is responsible for The Spire’s operations. The BMG is guided by an annual business plan approved by the Trustees and accountable for the deliverables set out in the plan.