Ownership and Management Structure

The building, known as The Spire, will continue to be owned by The United Church of Canada under the trusteeship of Sydenham Street United Church. The Building Management Group will be responsible for managing and operating the building under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding between the congregation and Friends of The Spire. These terms include the following:

  1. The property will continue to be held by the Trustees of Sydenham Street United Church, who will maintain accountability and liability for the physical asset.
  2. The Building Management Group (BMG) will be responsible for operating The Spire on a financially sustainable basis, as a hub for the arts, social justice and spirituality, as well as the ongoing meeting place for the congregation. The Spire will continue to be home to many of its current organizations such as Cantabile Choirs of Kingston, Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Reelout Arts Project Inc., Kingston Association of Museums Galleries and Historic Sites, to name a few. Additional not-for-profit community groups will be welcomed.
  3. BMG will have seven members including four from Sydenham Street United Church and three community members. Its duties will include:
    • Hiring and supervising a Building Manager responsible for managing the building and staff on a daily basis
    • Establishing and maintaining appropriate accounting and reporting systems
    • Setting an annual budget and related financial policies and protocols
    • Approving binding medium and long term agreements for use of space
    • Approving binding contracts for construction or services for all budget-approved amounts
    • Setting guidelines for allocation of space and user protocols
    • Making recommendations to Friends regarding capital improvements
    • Setting standards for maintenance, repair and upkeep of the building, grounds, utilities, and property agreements made by BMG with users.
    • Ensuring the basic services (heating, electricity, plumbing, etc) are fully operational and that the building is meeting all legislated requirements.
  4. Marketing and user agreements will be the responsibility of the Building Manager, with the support of the BMG, the Sydenham St. United Church congregation and Friends of The Spire.
  5. Fundraising will be the responsibility of Friends of The Spire. They will manage donor relations, pledge fulfillment, donor stewardship and the work required to build the initial endowment fund from $500,000 to $1,000,000.
  6. Endowment Fund Management will be handled by the Community Foundation for Kingston and Area. Friends will control disbursements and will consider approval on the basis of documented requests from the BMG.